Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Braiding Hair Care

Braiding Hair Care

Hair braiding has been a part of our culture for centuries. Today there are so many styles to choose from. You can opt for Micros, Invisible Braids, Kinky Twist or Cornrows.
Wether you choose to use your natural hair or accentuate your braids with extensions, the end result will be low maintenance hair care that looks great and last a long time. Dependig on the style braids can last from two weeks to two months. Braids are great when you are trying to go natural or if you just want to take a short break from the relaxer. You should wait at least two weeks after the chemical service before getting braids because the hair is overly porous and has poor elasticity. You will have healthy hair under you braids if you follow these hair care steps.
Choosing a good stylist is the first important step. You don't want a stylist who braids too tight or leaves you in pain after your visit. Too much hair is also a problem. Braids that are too heavy and too tight may create tension to the scalp that could damage the hair.
Keeping the hair and scalp moisturized is so important. The hair should never be dry or brittle. Use a light pomade or oil for the hair and scalp.Wrap hair at night with a satin or silk scarf to reduce frizziness. Keep your scalp clean with an astrigent or Sea Breeze. When you are ready to shampoo, you can try a waterless shampoo ( by Daggett & Ramsell) or use a mild shampoo in the shower so you don't disturb the braids. Then towel dry.
Removing Braids
For easy removal, add conditioner or Isoplus Braid Remover to braids. Apply a generous amount and this will prevent hair from being tangled. Depending on how long your hair is braided you can expect hair shedding. Don't be alarmed this is normal the hair sheds 80-100 hairs everyday. Use a purphying shampoo once the braids are removed. This is a deep cleansing shampoo that removes the impurites from the scalp and hair then deep condition to restore moisture in the hair. The next couple of weeks use a moisturizing shampoo and continue to deep condition.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wigs and Weaves

Women's Hottest Accessory
Whether you are looking for added length or thickness, want to try a new look or cut, or just giving your hair a break from every day styling. Weaves and Wigs are the way to go. Today there are so many choices to choose from.
There are so many types of hair to choose from. Indian hair is the best hair available. The hair is cuticle free, which means it doesn’t tangle. This hair is definitely an investment but can be taken washed and reused. But the straightest hair is not for everybody.
Many women want to wear weaves the resemble their own hair. If you are looking for hair to blend with yours, don’t rule out the Asian hair. You just have to shop around for what is the best for you. Remy, Yaky and even Synthetic hair is made to look like natural hair and a lot more affordable.

Lace Front Wigs
Worn by stars like Beyonce and Tyra, lace front wigs are the latest Phenomenon! They allow the freedom of sporting various styles. Your hair is braided and the lace front is put on like a regular wig but secured at the hairline with a lace strip. The lace strip is glued to the forehead and covered with makeup.

Custom Made Cap Wigs
Wigs designed just for you. Combination of a wig and a weave. Created by attaching hair wefts to a custom mesh cap. Hair is attached to by bonding or sewing. The hair is then cut and styled. Great for women who want to try a short hair style without losing length or for the woman who want to add length without sewing or bonding their own hair. Great alternative for women experiencing hair loss.

Hair Fusion
This is a strand by strand method that gives a look of hair growing from the scalp. Bulk hair is attached to the individual strand by adhesive or micro rings. Time consuming but offers great flexibility. Looks very natural. Should last up to two months.

Sewn-in Weave
Your hair is braided into cornrows and hair wefts are sewn onto braids. This is the safest way to weave. Great for people trying to give their hair a break from every day styling. Should last up to two months.

Weaves should help your hair grow if properly maintained. So many companies are offering under wig and weave products. You have to maintain your weave as you would your own hair. Wash and condition your hair every two weeks. It is important to keep your scalp clean and nourished. Comb and wrap at night. Wigs should be kept clean and stored on a wig head to retain shape. Purchase a wig shampoo specially formulated with mild detergent then let it air dry. Spray wig styling spray that is oil free. Wigs should last up to six months if cared for properly.